a letter for my self

dear naya,

remember this, everything happens for a reason. and you must see from many sides, not just one side. and please, think positively to your God, Allah SWT. because, He’s the best planner i’ve ever met than anything or anyone in this world. being happy is choice, please choose that one. oh, c’mon, you have a wonderful world with wonderful peoples around you who love you a lot. stop being sad. maybe, God is testing you, now. He want to know, how strong you are, how brave you are to face up the world. keep smiling, the world needs your smile. how could you dream to change the world. if you, inside of you, can’t change yourself, your mind. love yourself. love people who love you. forget the past. forget the one who hurts you. and forgive. let it go. eventually, if you can pass this test, you’ll be happiest person in the world. remember, there will no rainbow, without a little rain. and i believe, you’ll find your own rainbow, someday. or maybe, now, you have your own rainbow, but you just don’t know, don’t see, or don’t feel it.

with love

another you

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