jadi kemaren, yang les dikit banget, karena hujan, jadilah guru les gue bertanya-tanya hal yang lumayan ga penting, hahaha, ga sih tema belajar hari itu adalah survei. jadi kita ditanya apa, jawab, terus kasih alesan, banyak sih pertanyaannya, tapi yang paling menarik dan paling banyak ditanyain adalah masalah UANG. dan ketahuan banget kalo gue cewek mata duitan, oh no!

pertanyaannya adalah

1. can money buy a happines?
i answer : Yes, i think money can buy happines, with money you can buy everything that you want that will make you happy. i give a reason, i do love travelling, and do travelling will make me so happy, and yes, travelling needs much money, if i don't have any money you can't do travelling. am i right? but my friend's answer, that you still can't buy a happines, you just buy ticket with your money, it's different, we can get happines, although we don't need pay it, like when you meet you friend, you'll feel happy and once again, you don't need pay it, another example is, when you love to see sunshine or sunrise and that makes you feel happy, it can be and don't need money, so that's why money can't but happines. hahaha, i think that's also true.

2. is it important to be rich, famous and powerful?
all of my friends said no, because some of them didn't like to be famous, and to be rich is not the most important thing in your life. but different with me, i said YES, and my teacher ask me, why? i i have some dream someday, i want to be a ministry of education in Indonesia and have many free school for poor kids, amin, someday. because i feel education in indonesia is still messy, not good for the kids, something wrong happen in our education system (maybe not the system, but the people who is in the sytem), that's my opinian. and iwant to change it, i want ecuation system in Indonesia going right, going usefull for all of kids, and can make people becoming people, amin. so my friend said that if i want to change a system, you must enter the system, too, because that, i think i must be a ministry of education, and how? i must be rich, famous, and powerful, i think, it is HUGE DREAM, very very hugeee.

3. Love or Carier?
i answer : Love, and my friend said Carier. Why Love? because someday, i wan to be good wife for my hubby and goo mother for my lovely kids. and i think, my family is more important than my carier, my family is above anything in the world, and i want my kid being succesful, and how? i must be good mother for them, i must always beside them when they need me, amin!, and i want to be a really good wife for my hubby, cooking him, supporting him, and always beside him, help him a good family,amin! but doesn't mean i'm just being a housewife and don't do anything, i still have dream, being a good teacher for all of kids in the world, and have a school for people, amin, amin, amin!

sebenernya banyak pertanyaan yang ditanyain, gara-gara murid yang dateng cuman 3, tapi ini yang paling mengena buat gue, hahaha, pertanyaan terakhir gue disuruh sebutin, what's the 8 most important thing in your life? and i said, Religion, Good Health, Money, Family, Love, Friends, Studies, and Travelling, hahaha, money still be the biggest important thing for me.

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