being wise

makasih buat Debby, yang udah ng-tag saya tulisan ini, di note-nya
makasih banget :)

enjoy your life by enjoying the present moment
although small children know how to make life fun adults often forget
many people pursue happiness in the future and miss the abundant simple pleasures in the present

find a dream and pursue it. discover what you really want and go after it. but avoid the path of least persistence
sincerely love people and treat them well
give people all the love and kindness that you have, love and kindness will come back to you

drop your regrets. live in the present, not int the past.
avoid self-tormenting language: "I should have...", "I could have...", "I wish I had...", "If only..."

learn to like yourself. people who feel good about themselves are the most positive and productive people in the world. they never waste time feeling sorry for themselves

lighten up and laugh. don't take things seriously like a fuddy-daddy, smiling and laughing will bring the best in you.
remember: people who enjoy life tend to be positive, productive, and successful

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